Thought that I would start off with a great shot of the total liquid forecast from the GFS over the next 7 days.  5-6 inches over the basin and 6-8 along the crest.  These are all cold storms with at least 15:1 ratios up on the peaks so this would equate to around 7-10 feet by next friday if it verifies.  This could be another 100 inch week, our 4th of the season and one for each month except Jan.  Can you imagine if we hadn’t had 6 weeks of no snow in Jan into Feb?

Our storm for today is set to push in by this afternoon.  There is a strong Southerly flow ahead of the storm which is keeping the moisture from pushing East right now until the main storm pushes inland. The heaviest snow should fall this afternoon and through tonight. Tomorrow with the cold air and moist flow behind the front snow showers should continue most of the day. Liquid amounts have not changed since yesterday but temps do look a little colder. Going to bump up snowfall forecast a tad to 12-18 inches at lake level, 18-24 inches above 7000 ft., & 2-3 feet on the crest by Saturday evening.

Main low pushes down the coast over the weekend and bombs out off the coast keeping snow showers going into Sunday before another strong wave of heavy snow is pushed in Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. Then the main low pushes through Monday afternoon into Tuesday. We should see the snow finally taper off on Tuesday. Models are in pretty good agreement of another 2-2.5 inches of liquid Saturday night into Tuesday. That means another 18-24 inches possible at lake level, with 2-3 feet above 7000 ft., and 3-4 feet on the crest. Totals by Tuesday morning could be 2-3 feet at lake level, 3-5 ft. above 7000 ft., and 5-7 feet along the crest.

Models have sped up the next storm to move in sometime on Wednesday. This is a similar situation with two cold lows working their way down the coast and several waves moving through Wednesday-Saturday. Right now a conservative estimate is 2-3 more feet over the 3 days. That would bring the week totals to around 5-8 feet on the mountains and someone on the crest could break 10 feet.

There is another storm behind that for later next weekend. Then the GFS model suggests a possible break for a few days as the pattern shifts a little in the Pacific but then possibly back to storms the first week of April.

Stay tuned for updates on the storm moving in…..BA

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