Take a look at the resort snowfall page. Resorts along the crest reporting 2-4 inches. A nice band of snow formed and moved through between 5-8 a.m. The resorts reporting lower totals reported before the band finished moving through and the resorts with the higher totals reported around 9 a.m. An inch here on the North Shore of the lake and still snowing. More snow showers moving through today with a couple inches additional accumulation possible.

Ridge building in off the Southern CA coast to start the week. It is looking like the ridge over the next two weeks may be far enough South to allow moisture from storms coming into the Pacific NW to make it into Northern CA. First storm will be Wed. This will be a cold storm and looks to drop around a half foot of snow over Tahoe, but we will have to watch the exact track over the next few days for snow totals.

Another storm may bring light snow into the area for Friday and another for next Sunday. These are all light snowfall producers, but coming in every couple of days it will start to add up. The storms will be a bit warmer going into next weekend.

Going into the following week the jetstream will be getting stronger across the Pacific, but the ridge will still be off the coast. It will be interesting to see what happens. If the block off the Northeast coast of the U.S. weakens we may see the ridge move East and abundant moisture come into CA. If the ridge holds the moisture will be pushed into the Pacific NW as with this week and we will have to see how much can make it into Northern CA. Stay tuned………BA

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