Initial wave of moisture last evening dropped a quick inch over the Lake Tahoe Basin before shadowing kicked in. Snow didn’t make it over the crest again until about 3:30 a.m. as the strong jet passed through from North to South. From 3:30 to 6:30 a.m. another three inches fell here on the North shore of the lake giving a total of 4 inches. That band is pretty much over now and we will be left with scattered snow showers the rest of the morning with light accumulations.

If you take a look at the resort totals tab you can see that resorts along the Western Crest got anywhere from 6-12 inches as it snowed there most of the night. Resorts to the East of the Crest Like Heavenly and Mt. Rose didn’t get much at all only 1-3 inches.

After a couple more inches possible this morning the snow will taper off this afternoon. By tomorrow more light snow showers will begin due to a warm front ahead of the next strong storm. The next storm enters Northern CA on Friday. It looks like most of the heavy precip will stay to our North but models are consistent with trying to push enough precip into Tahoe to bring us around 3-6 inches of heavy wet snow. Should have a better handle on totals by tomorrow.

Ridge builds in off the CA coast by Saturday for a week of battling between storms and the ridge. If we get anything it looks like weakened pieces of storms that make it through the ridge. Some light snow possible Monday and again Thursday but nothing significant if we do get anything at all.

New on the models this morning is a suggestion that the ridge could move just to our East over the Rockies around the second weekend of January. This may allow the strong storms to start making their way into Northern CA the second week of Jan. Stay tuned…….BA

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