Tricky storm to forecast because you couldn’t see it coming. Had to rely on models seeing it form suddenly over Sacramento and move Southward. Cold front earlier this afternoon didn’t have much luck clearing the crest. The low forming over Sacramento currently is producing a heavy snowband to the Northeast of the lake. Places just to the East of Truckee and the Lake like Mt. Rose are getting dumped on. Heavy band should move slowly South overnight. Not sure how far West the band will come. May be a reverse snowstorm where mountains to the East of the Lake get a lot more snow than mountains to the West. Models still showing .5 inches of liquid overnight so areas where the band hits should see 3-6 inches at Lake level and 5-10 inches above 7000 ft. May be a bit less on the Western crest. Just have to wait till it stops tomorrow now and add it up. BA

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