Resorts picked up anywhere from 2-8 more inches yesterday making it 8 straight days of snowfall. Check out the resort totals page. 8 straight days of snow added up to 5-7 feet of snow over the mountains. Got close to 3 feet of snow here at the house. Most resorts have now met or exceeded their annual snowfall average. The 2 feet that fell Sunday night was one of the best overnight powder dumps of the season.

Temps will rebound into the 40′s today and 50′s Wednesday and Thursday. A splitting storm will approach CA over the weekend. Temps will cool back into the 40′s with scattered snow showers. Snow showers may become more persistent by Monday with temps cooling into the 30′s.

Things begin to clear out by midweek. With the progressive pattern we may see another storm approach the coast by the weekend of the 18th. These storms over the next couple of weeks will bring more cold than snow as we get into a spring pattern of weaker splitting storms. BA

March re-cap tomorrow.

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