Update 6 PM:

Light snow already beginning to work in ahead of the storm. The heaviest snow will move in after midnight and last through the day on Wednesday. The forecast models are finally coming into pretty good agreement and they are agreeing on the higher numbers from the Euro the past few days. Going to adjust the forecast up slightly and then just sit back and enjoy this storm. It has been a lot of work getting the snows to come and now it’s time to just enjoy it. Have fun and be safe out there!

Non-stop snow will fall through Thursday evening with a wave Wednesday night and again Thursday bringing another burst of heavy snow. Total 48 hour snowfall tallied up Friday morning should be around 15-25 inches at lake level, 20-30 inches above 7000 ft., 25-35 inches above 8000 ft., and 35-45+ inches along the crest. We have 3 mornings coming up of counting the numbers. Can’t Wait! BA

From This Morning:

6-13 inches being reported around the lake and in Truckee. The resorts are reporting 14-22 inches. The West side of the lake definitely caught up yesterday. The Reader Reports and Resort Totals pages are updated as of 6 a.m. That was slightly more than forecasted, haha. No forecast model was even close to showing enough liquid for 20 inches of snow, only about half that. Pretty much doubled the forecast at the lake and on the mountains.

Let’s hope that luck continues with the next storm. Still lots of ice under the snow yesterday so we could use a couple more feet. Good news is that the forecast hasn’t changed much from yesterday and we should get that. Biggest change is to speed up the storm a little with the snow possibly starting this evening.

The trick with the snowfall forecast is how much moisture can get over the crest. Most models show 2-3 inches of liquid on the western slope west of the crest but vary on how much makes it into the Basin. I’m going to stick with the NAM again as it is in the middle. That would be 5-10 inches at lake level, 10-15 above 7000 ft., and 15-20 along the crest by Wednesday evening.

Then some more waves keep the snow showers going to through Thursday with another 3-6 inches at lake level, 4-8 above 7000 ft., and 5-10 along the crest. Totals of 8-15 at lake level, 15-25 above 7000 ft., and 25-35 inches on the crest.

I haven’t been talking about next week as I have been waiting for the models to catch onto what I think will be more storms Mon-Wed and again the following weekend. They are starting to show the storms now but I will wait to look at them until after this storm. More Tonight…BA

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