This site was designed to bring an easy to understand discussion of the weather in the Lake Tahoe Region. The main objective is to talk about snow since that is what we are all looking for. I wanted to create a positive discussion of the upcoming weather, but take out some of business driven snow hype that can skew forecasts. I do my best to only hype when I’m convinced we will get dumped on.

I also wanted to create a site with the tools, links, & graphs that I use in my forecasts for others that enjoy studying the weather. I majored in Meteorology for 2 years but decided I liked it more as a hobby as I only care to forecast snow. I’ve spent obsessive amounts of time over the last 25 years studying every pattern that could possibly bring us snow.

Forecasts & discussions are derived from studying various global forecasting models, using tools & data from home & online, reading the latest research related to global weather patterns, & past experience with weather in the region from myself & others.

Credit must also be given to the NWS, for their professional expertise, tools, data & reporting stations. Also, Randall up at the Sierra Snow Lab for his charts, Joe B & Joe D over at for their research and understanding of long-range global forecasting, and Mark McLauglin at for his History lessons on past Tahoe Winters.