We had a beautiful weekend here in the Tahoe Basin.  That weather will continue today and tomorrow before the next storm approaches on Wednesday.  This one is nothing to get excited about as it will weaken as it approaches.  Meanwhile we watch a historic storm take aim at the East Coast.

A weak ridge is in place but it looks like it will be strong enough to weaken the next storm as it comes inland Wednesday night.  The winds with this storm will also be from the South which will make it hard for much precip to push over the crest into the Basin.  Looking at the computer models a nice slug of moisture pushes into NW California on Wednesday and then fizzles at it reaches the Sierra.

Snow levels will start high before falling down close to lake level on Thursday.  We should see some rain and snow showers on Thursday but the only accumulation should be a dusting above 7000 ft and maybe a few inches along the crest.

After that the ridge builds back in off the coast keeping storms to our North for what looks like at least another 10 days.  Temps will back into the 50′s by next weekend and most of the snow at lake level should be gone by next weekend.  Snow should hold in the mountains a while longer, hopefully until the next storm adds to it.

The big news today is hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast.  The majority of my family lives on the NJ coast and they are hunkering down waiting for the storm.  Many of these storms are hyped which has led a lot of people to not take this one seriously.  The town I grew up on was a barrier island and with the direction this storm is coming inland from East to West and at high tide with a full moon, this could be the worst flooding in at least a century.  My fear is that many have not believed the danger because of previous hype that did not come true and we will see some deaths because of that with this storm, some from drowning as the 7-11 foot wall of water comes onshore.

What is making this storm so unique is the negatively tilted narrow trough digging down the East Coast.  Most storms come up the coast from the South but this one is getting caught in the jetstream and turning straight West towards NJ.  I’m not sure that a hurricane has ever come in straight from the East so this could be record setting flooding as well as lots of wind damage.  Just watching now as the storm nears and waiting to hear from family later tonight and in the morning on the aftermath….BA

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