Amazing conditions for the resorts for the 16th of April. Northstar, Sierra, and Mt. Rose will join Boreal & Homewood on the closed resorts list after this weekend. Sugarbowl shuts down next weekend and then Squaw on May 9th and Alpine on May 16th. Mammoth announced today that they will be open until the 4th of July.

After a beautilful weekend with temps in the 50′s we are looking at a foot of snow possible on Tuesday with lingering cold and snowshowers through Friday.  Another cold storm is on tap for the following Tuesday.  This will help to keep the snowpack above 100% as it is now. 

The sun is spotless again today and with the volcanoes erupting, Pacific earthquakes upwelling cold water, the Pacific heading into it’s cold cycle and a La Nina emerging again it looks like we are in for a cooling climate here coming up the next couple years.  We may be back next year to the pattern of the past 3 winters in the Sierra with colder than normal temps with drier winters full of powdery storms.  We can still have a big season during La Nina, it is just less likely. 

Stay tuned through the summer as I continue to discuss the weather when any storms are approaching, as well as go over the water year conditions and the upcoming 10/11 season. Feel free to email me with any suggestions to add to the website or discussions for next season as this site is here to serve my fellow snow lovers. BA

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