I am out of town for the weekend and trying to take a break from the weather, but there is so much going on i cannot. I am in Redding, CA at 600 ft. elevation and it was snowing here this morning. My father in-law said he cannot remember the last time he saw it snow down here in November. If this winter is as cold as this fall is, it could be one heck of a winter. If it snows as much Jan.-Mar. as I think it will, on top of what is falling this fall, it could be a blockbuster snow year. Joe Bastardi it predicting over 55% of the country will have at least one inch of snow on the ground for Christmas. The average is 25%.

The report from Truckee at 9 a.m. this morning was 5 inches. At 6 a.m. the resorts were reporting 4-7 inches. That was before the second burst of snow this afternoon. It looks like the lake will be on the higher end of the forecast and the western crest could hit 18 inches in a few spots. Will tally up the totals in the morning. This will be the last snow of November so we can also look at the November totals, which are amazing.

After a break for a few days and temps in the 30′s we will get another cold front on Thursday. This could be a decent little storm. Right now the models are showing enough precip to bring totals in the 1-2 foot range. Storms like today and anything less than 4 feet will seem small the rest of the season after last week.

Looking at week 2 there will be a change in the pattern in the Pacific. The models are having a bit of trouble catching onto the pattern change so the long-range could change a lot this week. One thing that is interesting is that the GFS has shown a pineapple connection forming and hosing Northern CA with snow level 6-7000 ft. That is just one of the options but the pattern looks to stay progressive with storminess into the West Coast into December. As the NAO starts to trend positive towards mid-month the pattern should begin to move faster and the chance of bigger storms will increase. Keep an eye on the MJO as it strengthens and begins to move East. If it enters the Western Pacific in about 2 weeks it could mean show time again right before Christmas. BA

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