Going to start April more like January.

Mother nature played a little April fools on us yesterday as both snow bands headed towards us hit the mountains and slid South. Biggest accumulations were on the crest were some resorts saw an additional 4-7 inches while other resorts saw only trace amounts. Storm totals from the first of three storms this week were anywhere from 2-3.5 feet. Ended up with 15 inches here at the house.

It will be cold today with highs in the 20′s on the mountains and we will have clouds at times from storms to our North. Friday it will warm into the 30′s with 40′s at lake level, but get really windy like it did on Monday ahead of storm #2 for Friday night. This storm will hit to our North, but will come far enough South to bring snow to Tahoe. This mornings models are showing around 3-6 inches of snow over Tahoe with a bit more possible on the crest.

Things clear out on Saturday into Sunday with temps staying cold in the 30′s on the mountains. Sunday afternoon things begin to get interesting as storm #3 approaches. A majority of the models are slowing the storm which would mean the storm lasts through Monday and we end up with similar amounts to storm #1. This will be a cold storm with powdery snow once again.

Another wave moves in behind the storm and may come far enough South to continue snow showers into Tuesday. Things dry out the rest of the week but temps only rise back up into the 40′s.

Another cold storm is still in the works for the weekend of the 10th. Models are also catching onto the MJO a bit and show the chance at a few storms the week of the 12th into the weekend of the 17th. BA

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