I haven’t posted in about 10 days since Winter came to a screeching halt after the last storm. The long-range looks to continue to be dry. Last year the season kept going right through May but this year is nothing like last year.

We did pretty well with total precip and ok with snow. Around 3-5 feet fell on the resorts during April bringing the season totals to around 73% of average. The snowpack as of May 1st dropped to 28% of average in the Tahoe Basin as compared to 208% this time last year, and down to 44% in the Truckee River Basin.

Looking at the NWS April report the Lake Tahoe Basin saw 103% of average precip and the Truckee River Basin 112%. That brings them both to around 70% of average so far on the water year. The summer is normally dry so we won’t move much from that number.

The average temperture in Truckee during April is 39.8 degrees and we were at 40 degrees this April. So we were right around average again.

The weather looks tranquil the next two weeks. We saw some cooler temps the last few days but we will warm into the 60′s this week. It looks like we may see some warmer temps week 2.

With the boring weather I may not need to post again until the May recap. If something comes up I’ll let you know. Enjoy Spring…BA

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