The resorts picked up 1-3 inches at the summits overnight with rain at the bases. Snow levels continued to drop all night and were close to lake level this morning, but the heaviest precip has pushed South of us. Most of the precip fell as rain last night up to 8000 ft. before the snow levels dropped.

Temps will rebound today to close to 50 at lake level and close to 40 on the mountains. We should have clouds and sun today with light showers. Snow levels will rise back up to around 7000 ft. Not expecting any accumulations just a dusting above 7000 ft. possible especially along the crest.

Tomorrow we have a break in the action with sunny skies and temps up into the 40′s on the mountains and 50′s at lake level. We will continue in the same pattern of a ridge in the Northeast Pacific and moisture streaming underneath into Northern CA with the next wave arriving Wednesday.

Models have been back and forth with the amount of moisture with this storm but they all agree it will be colder than last night’s storm. Precip should move in during the day on Wednesday with snow levels starting out around 7000 ft. then dropping below lake level Wednesday night.

Models have anywher from .25 inches of liquid up to 1 inch. If we pick up the higher end we could have up to a foot of snow on the mountains Wednesday night and several inches at lake level. Hopefully we will get a better idea of the amounts by tomorrow morning.

We will begin to clear out on Thursday and Friday will be a nice day as the pattern shifts in the Pacific. The ridge in the Northeast Pacific will be replaced by several low pressures next week that will send colder air and storms into the Pacific NW. It also looks like we will have retrogression of the ridge this time out into the Central Pacific. That will allow the cold air to come futher South next week as well as the precip.

The Euro wants to drop the trough down the West Coast as early as Sunday but the GFS holds off until Tuesday. There could be a couple cold storms next week that would bring snowfall to all levels. The temperatures will be below average and the snow levels below lake level starting Tuesday.

We saw this pattern coming for the second half of the month looking at the teleconnections over the past couple of weeks. The models didn’t see it but that is why you have to rely on old school teleconnection forecasting especially in the Spring. This pattern of a trough along the West Coast with colder air and precip should reverse as we go into May. It may last into the first few days but I would expect that we finally get a prolonged break and some warm temps as we go into the month.

Stay tuned….BA

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