Same old issues trying to tally up the totals for the week. Some of the resort’s 6 a.m. reports added up each day equal their reported storm total. Others lose several inches in the storm totals compared to their 6 a.m. amounts that I record each morning added together. Using my method of recording the 6 a.m. 24 hour number each morning and adding them together seems to give the most accurate totals as it shows the resorts located next to each other pretty close in snowfall amounts.

An example would be that Sugarbowl is reporting 37 inches and Boreal 51 for the storm on their sites, and Squaw is reporting 28 vs. 37 at Alpine. But if you add up the 6 a.m. reports for the week the amounts are much closer with Sugarbowl at 47 and Squaw at 35. Same with Kirkwood reporting a storm total of 36 vs. 46 at Sierra, but add up the 6 a.m. 23 hour snowfall reports Kirkwood has 53. Also, some resorts like Homewood are not reporting any snow for 24 hours this morning and I know it dumped several inches after 6 a.m. yesterday.

Because of the discrepencies in reporting methods among the resorts it’s best to use an average. Resort totals for the week along the crest averaged 3-4 feet. Lots of shadowing with both of the storms so only 15-19 inches for resorts East of the crest. At lake level reports of 8-16 inches coming in and 25 inches up in Tahoe Donner.

Season Totals are now averaged at 73% of seasonal average for the resorts. This is closing weekend for resorts East of the crest so they are now done reporting for the season. It’s a beautiful weekend and closing weekend for some resorts. It’s cool so the snow will stay fresh and lots of sun out there. Highs will warm into the 40′s tomorrow and then the 50′s next week.

The weather will stay active to our North so the chance of a stray shower during the week is not out of the question. We should stay pretty quiet though. Models are keeping the storm for the end of the week to our North now. It looks like the storms for the last week of the month could come down a little further and give us a little more snow. Big storms look to be done for now or for the season.

Get out there and enjoy the weekend and great conditions…BA

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