I’m a little behind the updates this weekend. Had my son’s second birthday party yesterday and then this morning I hiked up the mountain to get some fresh lines. I put together the final tallies this afternoon and this storm did end up bringing almost as much snow as cold in the end.

Reader Reports and Resort Totals pages are updated showing 7-18 inches being reported by readers and around 2 feet of snow at most resorts expect for the East side of the Lake. When I was out riding today it was apparent that the snow was so light it was not that helpful in base building. Even with 18 inches of snow you would carve down to the dirt if you turned too hard. Some pictures coming in from Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl looked a lot deeper.

We return back to temperatures closer to average this week as we start in the 40′s Monday and then up into the 50′s through Wednesday. Currently the next storm coming into the West coast is bringing rain and snow to Washing, and they will get quite a bit the next few days. The trough will split as it tries to push further South down the coast and a cut-off low will spin up well off the coast of CA. It will sit there until the next approaching storm is able to help push it inland. It looks like a light snowfall event for the mountains Fri-Sat as it pushes inland.

Still watching the next storm that helps to push the cut-off inland as potentially a more significant snowfall event right before Thanksgiving. The timing has slowed so instead of next weekend it is looking like more of a late Sun-Tue event next week. This storm could pull in some subtropical moisture as it digs off the coast and bring in a decent amount of moisture. We will have to watch this storm all week but I won’t guess at snowfall amounts until a few more days.

It still looks like we will have a break in the weather the day before and Thanksgiving Day. Some of the resorts will be trying to open the day before and with the snow and cold this weekend and possibly more snow right before opening they should be in good shape, and much better shape than last season. If you are heading up to Tahoe for Thanksgiving the travel looks ok on the way up right now, the way home could be different.

The -PNA pattern continues through the end of the month and a progressive pattern will keep troughs and storms continuing to try and push into the West Coast. Just after Thanksgiving the stormy pattern could continue. Stay tuned….BA

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