Resorts picked up another 2.5-3.5 feet in the past 24 hours bringing totals to 5-8 feet. Resort Totals page is updated as of 6 a.m. That makes for the biggest 24 & 48 hour snow totals so far this season at most of the resorts. We are now at 80-100% of the seasonal snowfall avearge. Getting Reader Reports of storm totals coming in the 4-5 foot range around the lake & in Truckee.

Front did just as expected and stalled over Tahoe last night. The band of moisture is weakening this morning so expect the snow to lighten up. Then another wave will rotate inland over Central CA as the low comes down the coast and pulls it Northward this evening over Tahoe. That should bring one more round of heavier snow tonight. Looking for 3-6 inches at lake level today with 4-8 inches above 7000 ft. Then another 6-10 inches at lake level tonight and 10-15 inches above 7000 ft. New 24 hour totals by Saturday morning of 9-16 inches at lake level and 14-23 above 7000 ft. The higher amounts will be on the South side of the lake.

Snow showers will continue Saturday morning before tapering off in the afternoon. Only expecting a few more inches of accumulation on Saturday. Storm totals at the resorts will be in the 6-10 foot range by the time we clear out tomorrow, and 4-6 foot range at lake level. That would be enough snow to last us for a while, but there is plenty more on the way.

We should see things dry out for Sunday-Tuesday as the next storm dives down off the coast and misses us. Then on Wednesday the next cold low pressure makes its way down the coast. The trend is over water right now, so the storm should pick up moisture off the ocean and spin in several waves of moisture through Friday. The temps will be really cold so the snow ratios will be high again and we should be measuring in feet.

Then the ridge moves back about 10 degrees in the Pacific next weekend allowing the storms to pick up more moisture. We may see storms almost continuously through the first week of March. I don’t see anything in the long range over the next 2 weeks that points to anything other than cold and snow. La Nina is getting her revenge in a big way. BA

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