We have at least a week of boring weather ahead as the ridge sits off the coast of CA blocking any storms.  The highlight is that at least the sun is out finally and the rain is done.

Storms continue in the Pacific NW and down through the Rockies this week if you are up for a road trip.  They are accompanied by cold air as well so it is powdery snow.  Here is the GFS snowfall forecast for the week in inches.

The pattern is getting very blocky in the high latitudes which is expected with a negative Arctic Oscillation.  The setup is just a bit East of where we want it.  The NAO is forecast negative as well and that can mean Oh No! the ridge is here to stay, but the PNA forecast continues to stay negative.  With blocking forecast to retrograde Westward it could mean a cold and snowy pattern for the entire country the week before Christmas.  There is plenty of cold wanting to come South over the continent with the blocking over the Arctic.

The long-range models are showing some retrograding of the Eastern Pacific ridge for week 2.  As the storms drop into the Pacific NW and then the Rockies each one brings the chance of a shot of colder air.  The first one looks to stay to our East Sunday but maybe further West next Wednesday for a better shot of cold and maybe some snow showers.  That pattern could continue every few days.

The hope is that by week 2 the trough backs West off the coast and the Storms drop further South down the West coast.  This is also seen on the long-range models the past several days.  Last week the CFS long-range model was forecasting more storms the week before Christmas.  We’ll just have to keep watching how things develop.  If anything the storms we do get should be cold ones.  The CFS v2 model run today for the week after Christmas looks promising as well.

For now enjoy the sun and all the fresh snow up high.  BA

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