A trough is coming into the West Coast today. That will bring the temps down briefly into the 60′s before they rebound back into the 70′s during the week. We could even hit 80 degrees on Thursday.

What I am watching is a trough that could setup off the West Coast week 2. That should at least bring cooler temps if not some moisture as well. As we move into October the jetstream does start it’s strengthening as we go towards winter. We may see it try to break into the Pacific NW, and it’s not uncommon with a La Nina coming on to see mountains in Washington & Oregon get early season snowfall. That means trips North if you want some early powder. Unless we get some blocking in the North Pacific I am not expecting the big snows as early as last year here in Tahoe.

I want to take a closer look at the La Nina conditions developing later this week as well as take another look at the upcoming winter. Stay tuned……..BA

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