The last of the rain and snow is pushing through this morning. Snow levels were going up and down all night and dipped as low as 6200 ft. briefly. The Resort Totals page is updated showing the amounts from last night of 2-7 inches for the summits, and the totals for the week and season. The resorts are now up to 28% of average at the summits for the season which is a great start up there. It’s a different story at the bases.

The weather pattern takes a big shift starting tomorrow as we could stay cool and dry for up to 2 weeks. A large ridge of high pressure is building off the CA coast between 130w-140w and it could sit there for a while. That would bring a pattern of cold troughs dropping into the West over the Rockies. Some of the troughs could come far enough West to give us a nice cold shot but overall a cool pattern with highs in the 30′s & 40′s with lows in the teens and 20′s, and plenty of sunshine.

The snowmaking conditions should be ideal over the next 2 weeks for the resorts to get the base of the mountains caught up with the summits. We will have to wait for retrogression of the ridge to get a cold storm to drop down the West Coast. Still hoping this will happen sometime during week 2. Hopefully it won’t wait until the weekend before Christmas and bring us a Christmas miracle like Christmas Eve 2008 where 2 feet of snow fell after nothing for weeks before that. More later…BA

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