Update 6 p.m.

Cold front blasted through in the last few hours. Temps drops 10 degrees in 4 hours. It is now snowing well below 5000 ft. which covers everyone. After the cold front blows through and drops several inches we should see snow showers all night and through Monday. The snow ratios are high tonight at 15:1 at lake level and 20:1 above 7000 ft. That will make for an additional 6-12 inches of powdery snow at lake level with 12-18 inches above 7000 ft., and up to 2 ft. on the crest by Monday evening. More in the morning. BA

Update 1 p.m.

Snow levels have come up briefly over the past 2 hours as South winds are howling ahead of the cold front. Temps have jumped 5 degrees in the past hour. Over the next few hours snow levels should crash and the heaviest snow of the weekend at lake level will hit. Don’t be caught off guard by the brief warming and rain it will be dumping soon.

Quick Update at 10 a.m.

South Lake is driving me crazy with this storm. On Friday it was snowing in Reno and raining in South Lake. Raining there again right now at 41 degrees as the precip lightened allowing the South Winds to kick up. Wind is still calm and it’s still snowing down in Truckee at 32 degrees. This should be brief as heavier precip and the cold front are headed our way.

From this morning:

Figured I would count off the days through the 6-7 days of the storm cycle. Resort totals page is updated. Resorts are reporting around 18-24 inches in the past 24 hours. Resorts East of the crest seemed to do better as they were further from the warm flow. 2 day totals are in the 3-4 foot range on the resorts so far. Lake level will start to catch up today and tomorrow.

Snow levels fell in the early morning hours below lake level and it is snowing hard. Looking at satellite what used to be the main low that dropped down from the Gulf of Alaska has now wrapped under the new main low and is coming onshore this morning. This low has lots of cold air with it and it is injecting colder air into the subtropical moisture feeding into CA. Snow levels should stay below lake level today North End and near lake level South. Then the cold front moves through later in the day and drops snow levels below 5000 ft. It will snow heavily today with what should be the heaviest snow of the week. The snow will lighten tonight but keep going through Monday.

By tonight we should have another 18-24 inches above 7000 ft. and 12-18 inches at lake level. Then we tack on another 8-12 tonight above 7000 and 4-8 at lake level, with 6-12 tomorrow and 3-6 at lake level. That should bring additional totals over the next 36 hours of 3-4 feet above 7000 ft. and 1.5-3 feet at lake level. That would bring 4 day storm totals on top of the resorts to 6-8 feet.

Then it looks like we could have a bit of a break on Tuesday as the subtropical moisture feed is in Southern CA. We could still see some snow showers with the cold air in place and moisture not far away. Thanks to the separation of the subtropical feed to our South, on Wednesday a cold storm storm will move in dropping 1-2 feet. Snow levels will be well below lake level. That should cap off our 6 day storm cycle with snowfall totals for the week at the resorts of 5-10 feet and 3-5 feet at lake level.

Milder and drier weather as we clear out Thursday through Saturday. On Sunday a cold front and storm will push through. It is too early to talk specific snow totals, but right now models have it in the 1-3 foot range.

By the end of the month a ridge will try to form around 150-160w which is the perfect location going into winter to bring us a series of cold storms. We won’t need a base anymore after this weekend, so bring on the powder dumps. BA

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