Update 4 p.m.:

It’s been snowing in South Lake all day. North Lake has sat in a gap most of the day with snow to the North and South. Should see some more snow showers overnight with only a couple more inches of accumulation.

From This Morning:

Resorts are reporting another 18-24 inches on top in the past 24 hours. That brings 3 day totals to the 5-6 foot range on top of the resorts. 24 hour totals weren’t as high Sat night-Sun as they could have been due to fact that the snow level came up a little Sat night decreasing snow:water ratios. Still, 5-6 feet by Sunday night was right on target with the forecast. Sometimes it’s a little frustrating keeping track of the resort snowfall because some resorts will report like 20 inches 3 days in a row and then say the storm total is 64 or 56. Drives me crazy trying to figure out what type of math they are using, especially since my day job is accounting. Other resorts are very accurate.

At lake level Around 4-6 inches fell last night with the cold front. South Lake is on the Northern edge of the moisture plume and has picke up around 6 inches and counting as of this morning. Totals for the weekend are 1.5-2.5 feet at lake level which was right on track with the forecast as well. Of course with the snow levels going back and forth between 6000-6500 ft. most of the weekend there is not that much on the ground. Please email your 24 hour and storm totals, it is very helpful and they are posted on the Reader Reports page.

As you can see on radar the moisture plume has moved just to our South and we are on the Northern fringe. That will keep the heaviest precip to our South today. Stronger waves will rotate through during the day. Snowfall totals today should be in the 3-6 inch range at lake level with 6-12 inches above 7000 ft. Could be more depending on where the heaviest cells come through.

Light intermittent snow showers will continue tonight through Tuesday but wouldn’t be surprised to see the sun on Tuesday. The next storm moves in on Wednesday. The ridge to our East is not pushing that far East and will try to split the storm on Wednesday. That would push the heaviest precip to our South. Right now it looks as if we will get around 6-12 inches at lake level with 12-18 inches above 7000 ft. and along the crest. That is much less than thought last week as the jetstream will stay to our South and the storm will have a negative tilt which lowers the precip that makes it over the crest.

We clear out Thursday-Saturday before the next storm arrives on Sunday. This storm will have the same issues with the negative tilt and the ridge to the East trying to split it. It will be a cold storm and current guestimates are that we will get in the 1-2 ft. range.

The ridge then potentially shifts in the Pacific by the end of the month to around 150w North of Hawaii. If it sets up there then we are on the cold side of the trough and storms will come in from the North every couple of days. Models have been pretty consistent on this trend except for the run of the GFS this morning that has the ridge further West in the Pacific and we are on the warm moist side of the trough. Either way it looks to continue to be stormy going in to the New Year. Stay tuned………BA

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