Happy New Year!

Forecast models continue to try and build the ridge out around 150w about the 10th and beyond.  They even shift it up towards the Aleutian Islands.  It continues to look like the trough is going to build down the West coast before mid-month.

Now the question is how much moisture can we get in here?  It’s too early for that yet.  If the ridge shifts far enough North we could see storms come under the ridge which would mean more moisture.  Some model runs suggest the storms coming down the coast could tap some subtropical moisture.

We still just have to wait for now.  I don’t see any forecast models right now that don’t pull the ridge away from the coast week 2.  The PNA forecast is starting to look much better as well.  The forecast continues to show it possibly going negative by mid-month.  January should be a much better month than December, but you only need an inch of snow to complete that statement.  Have a great New Year’s Eve, stay safe and stay tuned….BA

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