Some nice inversions this morning with temps already in the 50′s above 7000 ft. Highs today will be in the 50′s and 60′s.

Spring weather today is just a trick as mother nature is ready to bring the colder air back in for the weekend. The models have been all over the place with the storm for tomorrow which is their usual trick this time of year. One thing is certain, the colder air is a much bigger story than the measly amount of snow possible.

The storm is looking to come in a bit further to our North now and then drop down inside of us. That is a drier scenario to what was already a dry storm. Now I’m thinking that it’s only a dusting on all the mountains above 7000 ft. and nothing for lake level but maybe some sprinkles.

The bigger story with this storm will be the blustery colder weather that moves in. After highs in the 50′s & 60′s today the 30′s & 40′s for the weekend will feel much colder especially with the wind. Sunday will be the colder day behind the cold front. Make sure that you don’t come up from 80 degrees in Sacramento with just your shorts this weekend.

The ridge moves back in to start next week with highs back into the 40′s & 50′s, not 60′s this time. Then a cold front moves through Wednesday night and bring snow into Thursday. This storm looks like it has a much better chance of bringing at least several inches of snow to the mountains. This trough also looks to stick around a bit longer through next weekend so leave the shorts at home again.

Another ridge will move in to start the week of the 11th. This ridge could be flatter as the jetstream continues to push storms towards the Pacific NW. The progressive pattern will continue as another trough digs down the coast later that week bringing more cold air and the chance of snow. We are in a very constant and progressive flow here over the next couple of weeks with each week starting off nice and getting colder the second half of the week.

The jetstream is not as strong as we go through April so the storms with each of these troughs are not that strong. As we go towards mid-month we could see a little boost in the jetstream if the MJO continues to strengthen & cycles through phases 7, 8, & 1. If not the trough the week of the 11th, then possibly the next for the week of the 17th could be stronger and bring us one last shot of bigger storms. Stay tuned…..BA

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