Update 9 PM:

That was a classic Tahoe cold front this evening.  It fell hard and fast and we picked up a quick 4-8 inches.  Now we will have lighter and scattered snow showers the next 2 days and may only pick up an additional 4-8 inches.  We could see a more solid burst of snow again Friday afternoon.

From This Morning:

You may be waking up this morning to sun and a wet ground from the snow that fell and melted overnight.  The storm is taking its time spiraling down the coast.  The clouds and wind will be on the increase this morning and we should see the snow begin to fall this afternoon.

Actually 2 positive things this morning.  1) The models have the snow showers lingering all the way into Saturday now.  2)  The total precip amounts are a little higher this morning.  Still not expecting a big storm but it is a cold storm so the snow amounts will be fluffed higher than a normal storm at 32 degrees.

Looking at the latest liquid amounts and temperatures total snowfall by Saturday could be up to 7-11 inches at lake level, 10-15 inches above 7000 ft on the mountains, and 15-20 inches along the crest.  Not a big storm but still some fun.  Just imagine if this light fluffy powder was falling on top of a solid base and the resorts were open….

The next cold trough and light snowfall event for next Tuesday and Wednesday is looking a little more certain this morning.  The trend is for the trough to come down the coast or even just off the coast instead of to our East.  Not expecting much out of this but the bigger positive is to keep the colder air coming in to hold the base and keep snowmaking going.

Still watching the potential of a more significant storm in the 17th-20th time frame.  This could be the miracle we need to get the season off to a decent start.  Currently it looks like the ridge will be to the North of Hawaii and a deep low could dig deep off the coast pulling in subtropical moisture before coming into CA.  That scenario drops a couple feet of snow on the Basin and it’s of the more solid base building variety.

Stay tuned on that potential and for updates on the storm throughout the next couple of days…..BA

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