For those of you tracking along at home did you see last nights 0z Euro vs GFS. The Euro has the storm train from next Tuesday through the following Tuesday. The GFS has a ridge and not a storm anywhere. This is what we are going to deal with this week.


The new 12z Determistic run of the Euro brings in a strong storm next Tuesday into Wednesday dropping 3-4 feet in 36 hours followed by more storms. The European Ensembles show a smaller storm next Tuesday and Wednesday followed by bigger storms into the weekend. Here is a look at the 12z Euro for next Wednesday.

But here is the 12z GFS for the same day…

If you notice at the top of the page the forecast for the AO and PNA continue to trend more and more negative.  There should be lots of blocking setting up near Alaska over the next 3-4 weeks.  The forecast could continue to be interesting.  Stay tuned as we should have clearer picture of next week over the next few days.  BA

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