Update 12 AM:

Snowing over Donner Summit 7200 ft. and at the base of Sugar Bowl 6800 ft. It’s been snowing less than 30 min. and I80 is covered over. Reports from readers in Serene Lakes that the snow is accumulating.  Temps nosediving at the base of Alpine.

Update 11 PM:

Been up for 19 hours but i’m not going to sleep until it snows. Snow levels coming down steadily now as the cold front is pushing over Tahoe. 8500 ft. and falling. I don’t usually care this much but i’ve never seen it so hard to get it to snow in Tahoe.

Update 8 PM:

The temperatures and snow levels started dropping around 2 o’clock but have now shot back up starting at 5 p.m. to the highest point so far to around 8700 ft.  Hopefully that curve at the top here at 9 is the beginning of the real drop.

Shouldn’t be long now before they turn and start to come down again. The cold front is approaching from the Northwest. Some of you are emailing me and freaking out that it’s raining. I said in this morning’s post that the models overnight and this morning showed higher snow levels and slower lowering. Yesterday they showed lower snow levels maxing around 7500 ft. and this morning around 8000 ft. Before the storm gets here we only have what the models show. Now that we are in the storm we know for sure and just have to watch for the cold air to work in, and it will.

I was in the dark there for a few hours. I got home from work and my 3 year old daughter had fried my computer. I’m surprised it didn’t happen earlier as she loves to pour liquids in the keyboard when I’m not watching. I had to rush down to Best Buy and get a new one before they closed. I was so scared I would be in the dark all night during this first big storm of the season. Now I’m in the process of loading my backup files into the new computer.

This is what people meant when they said kids are expensive. I’ve already lost a couch to a scissors incident, a hand held kids video game system to the bath tub, and a portable DVD player to a bottle of Windex in the past few months. At least with one of the scissor incidents my 1 year old son got a free hair cut out of it. This is why I wait to write until they are in bed.

Update 2 PM:

You can watch the temperatures here Right now it’s 32 degrees at 8000 ft., 34 at 7000, and 38 at 6200. The snow levels should come down pretty easily once the cold air works in overnight because the moisture is not feeding in from the Southwest subtropics near Hawaii. The moisture is coming from the West-Northwest which is not as warm as a pineapple connection type storm. Once the cold get in we should get plenty of snow.

Isn’t that a pretty shot of the storm coming in? The Euro keeps getting a little stronger with the Sunday storm.

From This Morning:

The Resorts Totals page is updated. Resorts along the crest picked up 5-8 inches and resorts East of the crest picked up 1-4 inches. At lake level and inch or two fell but started melting as soon as it stopped so not much left out there now. It took a while for the dry air to saturate yesterday which delayed snow reaching the ground and by the time the snow pushed over the heaviest precip was starting to push South. That gave us the lower end of the snowfall forecast. The air is nice and saturated now so the next storm will have no problem.

High elevation snow showers should start to push in this morning and then the heavier precip arrives later this afternoon into the evening. Looking at the forecast models overnight the trend was for the snow levels to start a little higher up near 8000 ft. this afternoon before falling. They also showed them falling a little slower but the forecast for snowfall amounts still looks good. To recap, by Saturday night 8-15 inches at lake level, 15-25 inches above 7000 ft., and 25-35 inches up along the crest. Some spots along the crest could get over 3 feet.

Storm for Sunday night around 6 inches at lake levle, 12 inches above 7000 ft, and 18 inches along the crest. We’ll look at that storm a little closer tonight. Models still completely disagree for next weekend with the Euro still showing a cold trough with snow and the GFS a ridge and dry. Stay tuned…BA

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