Snow levels came down to 7,000 ft. this morning and it coated the mountains in white with the light snow showers that moved through. Snow levels are now up closer to 8,000 ft. with some more light showers moving in. Tomorrow is the day where we get soaked with heavy rain & 10,000 ft. snow levels. Snow levels will drop Sunday night, so it will be a race to see how fast they can fall before the moisture moves out. Wouldn’t be surprised to a few inches above 7,000 ft. Monday morning. Cold air behind the storm should be plenty cold for snowmaking.

Next weekend looking very snowy on the models with 2 cold storms hitting over the weekend. Been talking about a white Halloween for a couple of weeks now. Keep an eye on it because if the models continue to be consistent the next few days we could be talking snow measured in feet on the mountains. I will be updating on that all week, more details below. Stay tuned……..BA

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