Update 6:30 PM:

Still a mix at some areas of lake level and in Truckee.  Reports coming in from around the lake of 2-9 inches above 6300 ft.  I love watching that web cam I had a link to below on big storm days, you can really watch the snow pile up before your eyes on the tables.  Looks like over a foot fell today between noon and 6 PM.

Cold front is still to our Nortwest and will move through after midnight.  some heavier precip moving in now ahead of the front but not much colder air yet.  Snow levels will crash tonight as the cold front gets closer and pushes through.  Snowfall forecast still on track.  Resorts should have picked up at least a foot today and expecting another 2-3+ feet on the mountains in the next 24 hours.

Lots of fun to come in the morning starting to tally up the numbers and getting out into the deep stuff.  BA

Update 11:30 AM:

It is coming down hard on the mountains.  Check out this link to the Sugarbowl webcam.  The tables were cleared around noon.  Looks like it is snowing about 2-3 inches per hour.

Update 8 AM:

It is now snowing at the base of Squaw so snow levels are down close to lake level.  The heavier precip West of the lake is helping to pull down the colder temperataures on that side.  Already reports of 2 inches at 6500 ft. in Tahoe Donner.  If the precip backs off a little today the snow levels could pop up between 6500-7000 ft. and then down with the heavier bursts.  Then they crash tonight with the cold front.

From 6 AM:

The snow levels dropped all the way down to 7000 ft. overnight.  It’s snowing hard over Donner Summit so there may be a little more snow than expected above 7000 ft. this morning.  Let’s hope the snow levels stay there today and the only trend is downward.  The temperatures continue to steadily lower by the hour.  Looking at the web cams around the resorts it is really dumping hard.

Also, a lot more forcing of the precip over the crest this morning than expected this early.  Heavy band of precip has moved in and the heavy snow is making it all the way over to Heavenly and Mt. Rose now.  The heavier precip should be with us now to stay with the heaviest band pushing in with the cold front tonight.

Resort Totals page is updated as of 6 a.m.  7-10 inches being reported up top of the resorts along the crest in the past 24 hours.  Most of that most likely fell in the early morning hours after the snow levels dropped.  Rain up to 8500 ft. yesterday packed down a lot of what fell earlier in the week so a nice base for the feet of fluffy snow coming this weekend.  Resorts East of the crest reporting 1-4 inches in the past 24 hours.

We could see 6-12 inches today above 7000 ft. with up to 18 inches along the crest.  Then another 12-18 inches tonight above 7000 ft. with up to 2 feet along the crest.  Then heavy snow turning to moderate snow showers Saturday piling on another 3-6 inches above 7000 ft. with up to 12 inches along the crest.  That gives you your 2-3 feet above 7000 ft. and 3-4 feet along the crest.  Then light snow showers Satuday night through Sunday could pile on around 4-8 more inches.

With snow totals of at the summit of 2-4 feet already for resorts North and West of the lake we should have totals for the week by Monday of 5-8+ feet.  At lake level it turns to snow tonight with 5-10 inches possible by morning and another 3-6 inches on Saturday.  Throw on another 3-6 inches from the snow showers through Sunday and you have storm totals of 1-2 feet.

The latest run of the Eurpean models showed another wave moving in Saturday afternoon and it has 4-5 more inches of liquid coming in over the Tahoe Basin.  Not buying that yet as it would bring 4-5 feet to the basin instead of 2-3 feet.  Interesting though.

Things only get better from here, stay tuned for any updates…BA

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