Update 5 p.m.:

Leading edge of the storm is moving extremely slowly towards Tahoe. It is now just about to Donner Summit coming from the Northwest. Expect it to finally move into the region over the next hour or two. Once it does temps will drop and the snow will quickly pick up in intensity. Good news is that it will move this slowly over us tonight. Snowfall totals by Sunday still on track: 2-3+ feet at lake level & 3-5+ feet above 7000 ft. A few waves looking on track to bring several more inches Sunday night throug Tuesday.

From This Morning:

If you love big storms as much as I do this is almost like Christmas morning. Let’s see if this storm can live up to it’s potential!

Snow should start for everyone by this afternoon with the heaviest snow tonight. Snow picks up again Saturday afternoon into Saturday night as the strongest wave associated with the main low moves in. Sunday the snow continues with one more wave coming in. Snowshowers could last into Monday.

Models this morning have slightly nudged up the total liquid with the storm. We are more on the 3″ side of 2-3 inches now, with good spillover from the crest into Tahoe and Tahoe into Reno. The NWS has upgraded their Winter Storm Warning this morning to reflect that. It is now for 2-3 feet at lake level, 3-6 feet above 7000 ft., 6-12 inches in reno & 1-2 feet in the foothills of Reno. That will be half of Reno’s annual average.

That is a big range of totals so let me break it down for you. First, it will generally fall like this: a foot tonight, a foot tomorrow, 1 1/2 feet tomorrow night and half a foot on Sunday. The 2 feet is low end for places like spots on the East shore, Martis Valley, Glenshire, or any other spot that normally gets low end. The 3 feet is most places on the North & South shores of Lake Tahoe, and Truckee. The 4 feet is spots along the West shore and Donner Lake on the West end of Truckee. Tops of mountains East of the crest like Northstar are in the 5 foot range. Tops of mountains on the Western Crest, which is a lot of the resorts, are in the 6 foot range. In Reno it’s 1-2 feet in the foothills and places like Somersett. Downtown could hit a foot.

There are some things to remember when looking at reported snow totals, especially for you critics. The way to officially measure snow is to take an average of several measurments, in an open wind protected area, up to 4 times a day, and clear the spot after each measurement. Most resorts probably do it at least 2 times a day. As snow falls it settles and the weight of one foot on top of another weighs down the snow on the bottom. So if you measure the snow every morning and night and clear the spot you could get 4 feet by Monday. If you just let it pile up and settle or blow around, by Monday morning the snow may look like only 2 or 3 feet. If you love tracking storms please measure throughout the weekend and email me totals.

Still a shot a some snow showers Tuesday, then cold and Sunny for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We’ll try to get the storm train rolling again by the first week of December.

I will be posting updates throughout the weekend. Stay tuned…..BA

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