Not too many changes in the forecast. Weather will turn cooler with a chance of showers over the weekend, especially Sunday. Will warm back into the 60′s next week.

Looks like a ridge will build in towards the last week of the month with warmer temps and dry conditions.

Looking long-range it looks as if some bigger storms will start to hammer the Pacific NW. That should be the case until as least November before the jet stream shifts a bit furhter South bringing us a chance of bigger storms. That doesn’t mean we won’t get a shot at our first accumulating snow in October, I think we have a decent shot at that barring any big ridges.

I will take a new look at the La Nina conditions on Monday when the report comes out. It is now the biggest drop on record on the ENSO index from the peak of the El Nino temps last winter to where the La Nina temps have dropped to now. BA

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