Moisture from the storms to our North got a little further South than expected last night.  We saw a few light rain showers West of highway 89 and up along the crest.  Most of the wetness today however was from the temperatures up into the 50′s.  That will change tomorrow as temperatures drop and the snow falls.

Looking at the mountain top sensors this evening it looks like the snow levels are up above most peaks near 9,000 feet.  The temperatures are starting to come down and will continue to do so as the storm approaches.  The winds will be howling with this storm with ridge top winds gusting as high as 100 mph into Saturday.

There may be some light rain or snow showers up along the crest Saturday morning, but it looks like most of the precip will hold off until the afternoon when the cold front approaches.  The good news is that it looks like the snow levels will come down pretty fast as the heaviest precip moves in later in the afternoon and into the evening.  Snow levels could be down just below 8000 ft. by daybreak and then will drop below lake levels as the cold front comes through.

We should see a period of heavy snowfall during the evening as the cold front pushes through and then snow showers that will taper by Sunday morning.  Snowfall forecast is still on track and really hasn’t changed all week.  The forecast models have been very consistent on the amount of liquid that will push in.  The trick will be lake level as is always the case with these storms where the snow levels start above lake level.  How fast the snow levels drop will make a big difference.

Right now going to stick with 4-8 inches at lake level but the amounts could be higher just above lake level at 6500 ft. and higher.  On the mountains expecting 8-12 inches above 7000 ft. in the basin and East of the lake.  West of the lake above 7000 ft. and up along the crest we could see 12-18 inches.  Wouldn’t be suprised if someone hit 20 inches by Sunday morning with the snow showers adding on behind the front.

It’s spring and we tend to warm up quick between storms in April.  Monday and Tuesday we should rebound right back into the 50′s with sun as the ridge builds in temporarily. Then the next trough pushes in Wednesday but there is not much moisture with the cold front this time. We could pick up a few inches of light snow. The trough looks to hang around the West Coast through Friday so the temperatures will be cold for this time of year.

Then it looks like the ridge will build in off the coast and keep us dry for at least a week. Is Winter done? It looks like we could have a break for a little while in the middle of the month, but I think there’s a chance we could see more storms towards the end of April.

Update in the morning to try and get a better handle on the timing of the cold front passage and snow levels. BA

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