Update 3 PM:

The low pressure is still sliding down the coast and not coming inland yet so it looks like we won’t see any wrap around snow showers. Things have been drying out all afternoon. The largest report I saw this morning was 12 inches at Sugar Bowl as of 9:30 a.m. We should have added a couple more inches this morning so we will tally it all up in the morning.

Storm for Thursday is still looking to split and the one for Sunday is not digging as much thanks to high pressure anxious to move in. Right now it looks like 3 light-moderate snow events similar to the two we just had next Thursday, Friday & Sunday. Then it looks to get quiet for at least a week. Stay tuned….BA

Update 9 AM:

Precip band is breaking up as the South flow tries to cross the mountains. Heaviest snowfall is now confined to a band coming off the lake over Brockway. As the storm comes onshore the band will shift and the flow will be East to West. We will have to watch it pivot and see if the snow picks up again later. That flow would favor the South and East sides of the lake.

From This Morning:

After getting less snow than forecasted the last couple of storms we are getting one back here today. You can see the storm spinning on radar and satellite and you can see we are right on the right edge of the storm. Original forecasts were for the low to stay just far enough West that the right edge missed us but the storm has shifted just far enough East over the past 24 hours.

We saw snow overnight as the precip spun up ahead of the main band, but nothing that heavy. So far reports of 4-5 inches overnight at most of the resorts. Lake level reports of 1-5 inches. North Lake is getting the heaviest precip so far but South Lake should get some heavier snow this morning. It’s snowing lightly in South Lake at 33 degrees and dumping in North Lake at 27 degrees.

The main band of heavy precip is pushing through this morning as the center of the storm is approaching the coast near Santa Cruz. As the low pushes inland we should see the heavier snow continue this morning before tapering this afternoon. Expecting more snow this morning than overnight with an additional 2-4 inches at lake level and 3-6 inches above 7000 ft.

More later….BA

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