Resort Totals page is updated showing anywhere from 2-9 more inches yesterday. On the table I plug in the 24 hour totals for each resort every morning at 6 a.m. Most of the resorts keep a running season total which I use to double check my season total numbers periodically.

Using the 24 hour snowfall totals for each resort from the past 5 days we have totals of 3.5-6 feet of snow. 1st storm I forecasted 6-12 inches and we got 6, 2nd storm forecasted 2-3 feet and we only got 1-2 feet, 3rd storm forecasted 1-2 feet and we ended up getting 2-3 feet. So this last storm saved me and gave us exactly the 5 day forecast for 3.5-6 feet on the mountains.

Lake level was the wild card with the snow levels but we have reports from around the lake of anywhere from 11 to 29 inches for the 5 days. The original forecast was for 21-36 inches total. There was a 7 foot number thrown out the beginning of last week but that was including the storm hitting the West Coast today. Obviously by now you know that storm is staying North in Northern CA and up.

More tonight on the forecast for the next 2 weeks. Hope you got out to enjoy the first good snow of the season. BA

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