No changes as we have a splitting and weakening system moving in tonight.  Only expecting light rain showers at lake level and maybe a dustin for the upper elevations above 7000 ft.  We begin to clear up and warmup into the weekend and early next week.

The good news is that we are starting to see a trend in the longer term of cold troughs trying to push down the West Coast, beginning as early as next Wednesday.  If anything that will bring colder air and more ideal snowmaking conditions as the resorts look to start making snow in November.

This has been a very busy week for me so I apologize for the short posts.  I will have a more detailed long-range discussion posted within the next couple of days and we will look at the what we could see through the month of November.

The family on the East Coast is safe after the storm but a ton of cleanup ahead.  My dad used to always tell me stories of the storm of 62′ when the ocean met the bay over the island I grew up on.  His family was rescued by boat from their front porch.  This storm may have been worse with the flooding for some areas.  If you think it’s a pain to shovel snow imagine having to shovel a foot of wet sand off of your entire property.

Pray for Snow….BA

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