Friday Update:

Truckee broke their record lows of -1 & 1 Tuesday & Wednesday night set back in 1966. The lows this year were -9 & -13. South Lake also broke their record both nights set back in 1978 of 5 & 2 with lows Tues & Wed night of -8 & -7. Reno came within 1 degree of it’s record low of 9 set back in 1952. Pretty amazing. No changes to the Saturday storm from the forecast yesterday. BA

From Thursday:

Took some turns yesterday and the conditions are amazing. Soft snow with powder in the trees!

A quick update on the Saturday storm. Models still have a range of .5-1 inch of liquid. The GFS is the weakest looking model and the NAM the strongest with some others in the middle. The storm is also speeding up a bit so most precip should fall during the day on Saturday. That means snow ratios of 12-15:1 since the air will not be as cold as at night. Going to go middle of the models and say 4-8 inches at lake level and 8-12 inches above 7000 ft.

Looks like we stay cold for the weekend and warm a little next week before another cold front with some light snow approaches towards the end of the week. Long range weather is in detail in the post below from yesterday. Travel safe, hope you all get out to enjoy the amazing conditions…BA

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