I am going to keep this post short as I will be traveling for the holiday weekend. No changes from the post below as the strong storms this week will hit a brick wall just short of Tahoe. This is the beginning of a quiet period for us into December.

We were hoping for one last shot at big storms but with the split flow that will set in the best we can hop for is an inch or two on the mountains on Thanksgiving Day. I saw the quiet weather coming for the very end of the month into December coming for a while now. Follow the PNA above because as long as it is positive we will have a hard time getting storms in here.

I will be watching the patterns everyday and updating on when the first chance of a change in the pattern back to stormy. The weather goes in cycles so we just have to let this cycle through. There are a few hints of the ridge beginning to pull back mid-December. Stay tuned…..BA

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