Old man winter that is and it is Tahoe’s turn for snow. Our luck is changing, but just to make sure I’ll need some of you to wash your cars today.

Not much change in the predicted totals for tonights storm. The snow levels are supposed to be a bit lower (5,000 ft.) due to the storm being a bit colder, which will help puff up totals a bit more. Because of that looking for 8-12 inches at lake level with 12-16 inches above 7000 ft., and up to 18 inches on the crest. The storm will move in overnight and last into Wednesday morning with snow showers lingering into the afternoon.

Next storm for Friday is looking less likely to split now with the low headed straight at us. This storm has the potential to bring us 2 feet on the mountains Friday night into Saturday. The snow levels will rise a little ahead of the storm on Friday before falling overnight. BA

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