Update 4 PM:

Resort Totals and Reader Reports pages are updated. Picked up a quick hit of just about as much snow as forecasted. Truckee got the short end of the stick on this one but South Lake picked up 5-8 inches. Now we just need to start praying we get some bigger storms in here by the end of the month.

From This Morning:

Storm came in a little quicker last night and is now ending a little quicker than expected this morning.  The main low is spinning down the Sierra and the best forcing and precip has shifted South.  We may see some snow showers today with the best chances of seeing any additional accumulations being South of the lake.

Snowfall totals as of this morning were right along the forecast.  Resorts up along the crest reported anywhere from 8-12 inches up top.  East of the crest the resorts were reporting 3-5 inches as shadowing had a big affect with this storm.  At lake level reports of anywhere from 3 to 8 inches.  The resort totals pages are having an issue this morning so I will update them by tonight.

Storm for Wednesday still looks like it could bring a few inches as well as another shot of cold air.  The next storm will come all the way down the West Coast and inland over Northern CA.  The models are coming into bettern agreement that this storm could be a weak-moderate storm producing several inches of snow.  It may be similar to last nights storm.

Next week the ridge will be closer to the coast which should keep the storm track just ot our North.  Forecasts continue to be for the ridge to retrograde opening the storm door by the last week of the month.  The MJO forecasts still show it going to phases 1,2,3 which correlates with troughing along the West coast and increased storms for CA.  We’ll see, not the best of luck so far this season.  BA

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