Reno set the all-time October rainfall record last night beating out 1945 for the top spot. That may not be the last of the rain for them this month. Models are usually all over the place in the Fall as they try to catch onto the change of the seasons and the weather patterns over the Pacific. This Fall will be no exception.

There is a strong jetstream that is going to slam into the West Coast this weekend, but the question is where. One model has been consistent that it takes direct aim on Tahoe, and the other has been up and down the coast with Oregon it’s main target. This jet extends all the way across the Pacific and has lots of moisture. Whether or not it does take aim at us the snow levels should be high once again so we are looking at mostly rain.

The active weather looks to continue next week and into the beginning of Nov. The storms for later next week and into Nov. do look colder as they dive down from North Pacific. We can’t trust the accuracy of the models right now so it will be a day to day analysis of the upcoming storms. One of these has a chance to bring us low level snow in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned…..BA

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