The forecast models are still showing the potential for a few inches from the Southern half of a storm hitting to our North next Wednesday.  But something interesting showed up on today’s 18z GFS model run that showed up briefly for a run a few days ago.  It showed high pressure quickly building in to our North behind the storm and pushing the jet stream underneath into CA briefly for Thursday.

This is a long shot for sure and we will most likely only get the few inches from the other model runs, but watch this…..

Here is the weak storm moving in on Wednesday but look at the high pressure building in to the North of the storm off the coast of Oregon.  It is the red circle labeled 1020.

Notice the moisture stream trailing across the ocean.  Now here is that moisture pushing in under the ridge on Thursday.

That is a nice quick little storm, and look at the total precip from the 2 back to back waves.

That’s a foot with more along the crest.  We’ll see, you never know when it could be treat rather than a trick.  More storms still possible the following week but it’s still too early to know their strength.  Stay tuned….BA

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