I was watching the radar last night and I could see the I-80 corridor getting hammered and I knew the snowfall forecast was blown. I even put up a last minute update as the storm started and I saw how vigorous the front had become.

The Reader Reports page is updated as of 8 a.m. and we have reports of 8 inches in Sierra Meadows and 11 inches in Prosser Heights. The resorts are slow to post anything since they are not open yet. Have reports so far of anywhere from 8 inches at Squaw to 10 inches at Kirkwood and a foot at Sugarbowl. That is close to the forecast and I think most places besides Truckee should be close to the forecast..

We have a short break before the next round of snow tomorrow night. The models are coming into agreement that the low will come inland over Central CA next week and we could be talking much bigger snowfall amounts!

More Later….BA

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