This post is coming a little late. My kids managed to break my computer again 2 weeks ago, that’s 2 in six months. Since I have been offline the past 2 weeks I have not been able to do as much research into the upcoming Winter as usual, but I hope to get back on track here the rest of August.

Thank you for all of the emails this summer and questions about the upcoming season. Sorry if I did not get back to all of you. Let’s recap July and then I should have some follow up posts on what’s developing for the Winter later in the month.

July only averages around 4 tenths of an inch of precipitation. The Tahoe Basin saw only 61% of that and the Truckee River Basin 75% in July. That drops us down to 61% and 63% respectively on the water year, with only 2 dry months left to go.

July was actually a cool month with an average temperature of 59.5 degrees at the Truckee airport. That is 2.2 degrees below average for the month of July. The highest temp was 90 and the lowest was 32 degrees. We actually hit freezing in Martis Valley the last 2 days of July and the first two days of August. That keeps us right around average for the year at -0.2.

Low pressure is off the coast and you can clearly see it spinning on satellite. That will keep the chance of thunderstorms around this week. Just as that departs we could see some more thunderstorms over the weekend from tropical storm hector as moisture from the storm is pulled North towards our area.

The GFS is a little interesting in its forecast for next week as it shows a cool trough swinging in. As we go into September and the seasonal change it’s those kinds of troughs that bring the first dustings. I just hope we don’t get early teasers this year and then nothing until January as has happend a few times in recent years.

More to come…BA

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