I have to stretch out the fingers a little to write this post as it’s been a while. We had a nice little heat wave recently, which is not really a heat wave by standards in other areas of the country. Should get a little break here for some more seasonal weather. Have you seen the new NOAA website layout?

June was another dry month with only 69% of average in the Tahoe Basin and 64% of average in the Truckee River Basin. Again, in the summer the average is only half an inch to an inch a month max in most areas. That drops us down to 61%-62% of average on the water year that ends on 9/30. Thankfully last season was huge which will ease the drought this year.

June was also another average month temperature wise with the Truckee Airport reporting station coming in at .5 degrees below average for the month. That continues our fairly average year temperature wise.

July is the last month of my 3 month weather-free vacation before the research begins again in August for the upcoming season. See you again at the beginning of August for the July recap and then some posts on what I’m seeing for the upcoming season through the month. Stay tuned….BA

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