Here we go again. This may be the last big storm but it will be wet and windy one. Winds are going to pick up today and tonight ahead of the storm. This is an unusually strong jetstream moving in for this time of the year. The jetstream is going to take aim right at Northern CA.

The precip will move in during the day on Tuesday and become heavy by Tuesday afternoon with the arrival of the cold front. This will be one of the few storms this year with high snow levels, but then again it is the end of April. Snow levels will be above 7000 ft. until after the cold front passes so a lot of the heavy precip will be rain at lake level and in Truckee. It will turn to all snow Tuesday night down to lake level, but the question will be how much precip falls in order to have accumulating snows. Plus, the ground will be warm from the strong sun and warmer weather the past few days.

The timing of the change to snow will be key at lake level, but where it stays all snow on the mountains we are looking at 12-18 inches with 18-24 inches on the crest. If the rain changes to snow early enough we could get as much as 6 inches at lake level Tuesday night.

Things begin to clear out on Wednesday with only left over snow showers, but temps will only be in the 20′s on the mountains and 30′s at lake level. Temps will be slow to warm, staying in the 30′s on the mountains and 40′s at lake level through Friday.

Temps finally warm to near average into the 50′s at lake level on Sunday. No more big storms on the horizon for a few weeks at least if not the season now that the jet is going to shift North for the summer. The blocking pattern will break down the first week of May opening the storm door, but with no storms off the coast we should only see a weak system with some rain showers at best going into the middle of May. If something does develop in the Pacific the storm door will be open so we will have to keep an eye on it. We may finally see warm enough air move up from the South by the second week of May to have temps hit 70.

Coming up next week I will have a recap of April and a new look at where we stand snow pack wise and precip wise on the water year. BA

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