We did pick up a couple inches at lake level from the wave that moved through last night. One more wave has formed and will rotate through this morning. That could bring a few more inches to the mountains but not expecting more accumulation at lake level once the sun comes up. It’s going to be a cold day with highs only in the 30′s.

Storm totals coming in as of this morning so far on the mountain tops are: 14 inches at Boreal, 20 inches at Squaw, and 22 inches at Sugar Bowl. That means the crest above 8000 ft. is most likely going to wind up with a storm total of 2 feet! That means the Euro model wins round 1 as we got the higher end of the forecast.

We dry out and warm up quickly with temps into the 60′s by this weekend.

More later on the September recap and another look at the upcoming winter….BA

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