Update Thursday Evening:

Forgot to throw in the lake level reports this morning of anywhere from 1-8 inches. Lots of shadowing occured with the first system with big amounts along the crest and light amounts in the basin. We had better spillover today and will have more snow into the basin tonight and Friday.

Updated amounts at Sugarbowl, Kirkwood, and Sierra today of 21 inches and counting. Looks like the Euro is winning so far with this storm. I would guess all three and some others are close to 2 feet now and we have another 24 hours to go of heavy snow. If we had gone with the Euro from the beginning the forecast would have been for 40 inches of snow along the crest.

Heavier bands are working in off the Pacific this evening and the snowfall should pick up overnight into Friday. 6-12 more inches for lake level, 8-16 inches above 7000 ft., and 10-20 inches above 8000 ft. That means over 3 feet for a storm total by Saturday morning for resorts along the crest.

See you in the morning for more totals…BA

From This Morning:

Resort Totals page is updated as of the 6 a.m. reports. Not much snow East of the crest and in the basin as was expected with the first storm, but twice as much snow fell along the crest than was expected. Resorts in the basin and East of the lake reporting 3-5 inches, but resorts along the crest are reporting 11-18 inches in the past 24 hours from the first storm!  Highest amounts were South end of the lake which is expected with these storms.

With a foot to a foot and a half already we should easily see the 2-3 feet and obviously some areas could see over 3 feet by Saturday. The first wave of heavy snow with the second system sped up a little and is already pushing in this morning. We will see a quick dump of snow with this and then continued snow showers this afternoon and tonight as the cold unstable air moves in.  Expecting another 3-6 inches by tomorrow morning at lake level, 4-8 inches above 7000 ft., and 8-12 inches along the crest.

Then another wave of heavy snow Friday as the main storm comes onshore.  We should see snow showers continue into Friday night before the storm pulls off to the East.  We could see another 3-6 inches at lake level, 6-10 inches above 7000 ft., and 8-12 inches along the crest by Saturday morning.  That’s another 12-18 inches with this next system for the mountains and up to 2 feet along the crest.

I did see that the NWS downgraded us to an advisory but the lowest model output for the crest is an inch of liquid, and at 15-12:1 snow ratios with the cold there is no way there is only a foot West of the lake which is where most of the resorts sit.  But then again they did say 6-9 inches for yesterday’s storm and the resorts got 11-18…  NAM still shows 1.5 inches and Euro 2 inches so I would say that most of the resorts from Sugar Bowl down the crest to Kirkwood pick up up to 2 more feet by Saturday.  East of the lake low end of a foot above 7000.

Another update this evening….BA

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