Resorts picked up a few more inches yesterday morning bringing the totals into the 12-18 inch range with a little more at a couple resorts. Ended up with 9 here at the house on the North shore of the lake.

Models lost all agreement on tomorrow’s storm in the past 24 hours. GFS wants to tilt the storm giving it a South to North orientation as it comes onshore. We have seen this before where that causes two things, the storm to b warmer and for the storm to have less push over the crest into Tahoe. That scenario drops a foot above 7000 ft. with up to 18 inches on the crest. The NAM still wants to blast us with 18+ inches above 7000 ft. and over 2 ft. on the crest. I see snow levels coming up to lake level to start the storm but not as high as the NWS is saying, up to 7500 ft. That would definitely limit snowfall. Some models are also re-suggesting that the jetstream dives to our South splitting the storm. They had all lost this idea yesterday morning.

Overall I’m going to go with 6-12 inches at lake level with 12-18 inches above 7000 ft., and 18-24 inches on the crest. Will definitely be watching today to try and get a much better handle on the storm by tomorrow morning. Snow should start falling by later tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday storm still on track to bring moderate amounts of snow with another storm possible the following weekend. BA

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