May was another very dry month to add to the ongoing year and another average temperature month. Sorry for the late posting of the recap. I have been out enjoying the start of the short Summer and enjoying the break before we start to look at next season in August.

In May the average precip starts to drop with 1-2 inches of liquid the average for most locations. We only saw 26 percent of average in the Tahoe Basin and 33 percent of average in the Truckee River Basin. Some of that was a little dusting of snow.

I actually got reports of up to 3-6 inches of snow above 7000 ft. with the snow we saw last Monday. Some people are still out there trying to ski the back country patches.

The temperatures from the Truckee airport reporting station were 0.4 degrees below average for the month. This has been an average year bringing up the below average temps over the past few years closer to 1 degree below average instead of 3 degrees.

Later this summer we will check in the the ENSO conditions to see if we are headed for an El Nino season. That would mean another 50/50 season for us with milder storms and shots of Artic air thanks to the lower pressures to our South.

Stay tuned and enjoy the Tahoe Summer, they are the best….BA

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