I apologize for not posting on the small snow storm we saw over the weekend. I took a trip to a tropical location 11 days ago and left laptop and all work related items at home. The models were hinting at a brush by system before I left but it was too far out to post on before leaving.

Had some reports come in of an inch or so around the lake. It’s not uncommon to have snow on Memorial Day weekend. Last year we had a foot on the mountains. I remember 08′ well as I was trying to have a yard sale up in Tahoe Donner and it was snowing the whole time.

It was a cold weekend as well but we will warm back into the 70′s by the middle of the week. Still lots of cold water off the coast so we may be in for another cool summer. It’s been especially chilly down near the coast the past couple of summers.

May recap later in the week….BA

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