Some nice upslope snow bands forming this afternoon coming in off the Nevada desert. We are on the North side of yesterday’s storm and the low is wrapping in moisture from the East. Only expecting light accumulations with the higest amounts on the East side of the lake.

From This Morning:

Resorts on the North end of the lake picked up another 3-6 inches in the past 24 hours bringing the storm totals to 7-14 inches. South Lake picked up the heavier snow bands yesterday. Resorts South of the lake picked up 10-12 inches in the past 24 hours bringing the storm totals to 14-18 inches.

Two things didn’t materialize with this storm and led to less snowfall than forecasted. First, the cold front that was supposed to blast through yesterday morning and drop several inches stalled to our North for several hours. When it finally pushed South it had last a lot of its punch. The second thing was that the wrap around band that was forecasted to form last night along I-80 and drop several inches never materialized.

Still, I think we made out pretty well for April and if you experienced the powder yesterday you were happy. We will have some sun but scattered snow showers will continue today & tonight with maybe a dusting as we continue to get some wrap around moisture on the North side of the low to our South. Temperatures will stay cold today in the 20′s on the mountains and low 30′s at lake level.

We will clear out for the weekend and warm a little but highs will stay in the 30′s & 40′s through Wednesday. The warmest day looks to be Sunday where lake level could break 50. We are going to have two systems that brush by to our North on Monday and again Wednesday. Not expected any snow accumulation from these but they will reinforce the cold air.

It is spring so the models are playing their usual games in the long-range. The new trend over the past day is that the ridge retrogrades too far West in the Pacific all the way out to 180w. That would mean the trough is further West at 140w and the subsequent ridge is over the West including CA.

That would keep the storm track up into the Pacific NW & British Columbia starting Thursday and lasting about a week. We were hoping the ridge would setup at 160w and the trough would be along the West coast and we would get snow for a week. If it works out the way the models have it now the strong storms going up into British Columbia could really pump the ridge and bring us warm weather next weekend and early the following week.

The models could flip back so we will have to monitor the develpment of this pattern. The difference here in spring could be cold and snowy vs. warm & sunny. With the stratosphere continuing to warm over the Arctic that Arctic air will be displaced South the second half of the month. That should eventually dig the trough in the Pacific and it will come East. So we could still get a cold shot and decent snow even if we get the ridge next week, it will just be delayed.

I would think that there are still a couple of cold shots left before the end of April with the Arctic air coming down in pieces. I’m good either way. I would love to get a few more spring snows but I also bought a boat and would like to try it when the weather warms and lakes thaw out. Stay tuned as we iron out the long-range….BA

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